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Photo Set

This is an important photo set


I asked my stylist to style my hair in a new way to surprise me. She turned me into Guille. 

This picture doesn’t even showcase how poofy and weird my hair looks right now. Probably going to shower to get the stuff out of it. 

Hey I asked for it. 




Am I being seductive yet?



I seriously love having my hair like this.


So back in my sophomore year of college (in old 2011) my friends had a joke that I was pretty much the villain from any movie in the 80’s, since I was blonde and wore black a lot and a leather jacket at the time.

This prompted my friend Will to start a photoshop contest based entirely on this and these are some of my favorite entries. 

As a warning none of my friends could use photoshop at the time. 

Me as the Terminator, pretty self explanatory

Now I’m Freddy Krueger. I apologize for the fedora, those were different times.

It’s the bad guy from Stand By Me, I have no clue what his name is.

Sweep the leg

Now some Indiana Jones villainy!

And my personal favorites:

Hans Gruber


The guy from Amadeus.

Yeah, like I said I have weird friends. Friends who like photoshopping me into things.

Oh and I almost forgot

Yeah. I’m leaving now.  


So in the first draft of my demo reel I made some weird faces like this

Yeah not my best moment, but my classmates thought it was hilarious and had our professor pause the video so they could grab a still of it and a few other faces I made during the video to put online. 

Within hours these pieces of gold appeared:

Note: This one is a collage made up entirely of pictures of Eevee and Eeveelotuions. 

And my all time personal favorite:

This is what happens when you give overworked Game Development students something fun to do. 


Feasting upon Winter Storm Janus’ snow babies.


Dis muthafucka


One more selfie cus I thought I looked good today. And then I took this picture. I’m bad at being in pictures.